Handle me with care, reputations changeable, situations tolerable . . .

Post Soundtrack: Handle with care by The Traveling Wilburys

My mom knows how much I love George Harrison, he is to me Jesus.  A smart and kind man who walked this earth, so beautiful. His soul and philosophies were just extraordinary, he had no hate or badness in him, he just wanted peace, a true hippie that was not afraid to raise questions or help others. I loved him. I would marry him.  But Jon and Alexander are on a tie for the top spot.. . and of course George has passed away, rest his blessed soul…though his son Dhani…..

I digress. . .

My mom posted a song on my facebook this morning she thought was suitable for me (like mom like daughter, we are all about lyrics in my family), by the Traveling Wilburys.  It´s a collaboration among some of my absolute favorite artists Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne ( ELO) and George Harrison.

The song she posted is today´s soundtrack, it´s a lovely happy song, but everyone knows when I listen to a song, I listen to the meaning, the lyrics. ¨Handle with care.¨

So it got me thinking…

We are all so fragile, every one of us. People are so more fragile and sensitive than they give out to be.  We built this pretend plastic shelter around us, when in truth we are actually all fragile like a glass-blown vase, they are pretty and delicate.           Us humans tend to take things so personally and in the wrong way over slightest little thing.

Example; Someone didn´t say hello, someone didn´t say ¨Well done.¨  I hear it everyday. ¨Do you think I did something wrong?¨ It´s not just a insecurity thing, but a fragile thing.  As humans we desperately want to impress everyone we meet or surround ourselves with. So when something goes by unnoticed, or you feel ignored or whatever that Achilles heal may be,  a frailness appears just for a second.

Many women take for granted that men are also extremely fragile as well.         Some of my best friends, love them, who lately have been my human motorcade of  a safety net.   I can see their frailness in them as well. It doesn´t make them weak or less of a man, it makes them human, more beautiful in my eyes.   I can see those little glimpses, that´s all it is, a glimpse that for a split second that shatters something inside.

I made one promise to myself this year, and that is I ´m not going to be so mean.    I tend to be a bit hot-tempered, but I promised myself I´m going to be a better person, the woman I always wanted to be. I have a tendency to say very mean things  because of my sarcastic comments, which I realize might actually fracture someones feelings.  Or just my cold behaviour. I don’t want to be that kind of person.  I´m trying to stop.

But I haven´t been able to last long. I saw myself causing that glimpse this very weekend, I  think I saw something shatter inside in someone. It´s almost like I could I hear a tiny crack in the glass. . .I couldn´t make it out. .  .Also there were no other choices. Life makes strange passages for you, I guess you just have to keep follow that yellow brick road to wherever that leads you.

All I know is, handle everyone with care, we are all fragile in someway.                  We all have different areas that are more frail than others, handle it with care. Because when that tiny little crack appears, it can eventually shatter everything inside to pieces.

Lyrics for Handle With Care. By Harrison, Dylan, Petty, Orbison and Lynne
Been beat up and battered ’round
Been sent up, and I’ve been shot down
You’re the best thing that I’ve ever found

Handle me with care
Reputations changeable
Situations tolerable
But baby, you’re adorable
Handle me with care
I’m so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won’t you show me that you really care

Everybody’s got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine, and dream on

I’ve been fobbed off, and I’ve been fooled
I’ve been robbed and ridiculed
In day care centers and night schools
Handle me with care

Been stuck in airports, terrorized
Sent to meetings, hypnotized
Overexposed, commercialized
Handle me with care

I’ve been uptight and made a mess
But I’ll clean it up myself, I guess
Oh, the sweet smell of success
Handle me with care

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