Cupid please hear my cry, I am begging your arrow fly

Post Soundtrack: Cupid by Amy Winehouse

Why I love Jennifer Lawrence even more;

“It’s just so bizarre how in this world if you have asthma, you take asthma medication. If you have diabetes, you take diabetes medication. But as soon as you have to take medicine for your mind, it’s such a stigma behind it..”

Preaching my choir girl, watched her post Oscar interview and I just love this so much

I can’t stand it when people judge others who take medication for their head.  It;s not a problem you can just “fix.”  These people obviously have never experienced the emotional turbulence that resembles this unstableness.  I do not wish it upon anyone, but many people have no idea what they are talking about and it is frustrating.  I just want to strangle these people and hit them hard in the head to wake up, arrghh such condescending views are the worst I can’t stand in humans.

Anyhow. . .

My boss comes over to my desk today, randomly asks.

Are you into Channing Tatum? 

No, not really, just in Magic Mike. Yes please.

I work in a cool place, my boss has told me to get laid plenty of times, very wrong I know, but too funny.  Which is why I love Thailand, the amount of shit we say to each other around here would be a lawsuit in the US.  Or anywhere else in the world.  In the fraternity I work in, all that just goes out the window.  You should hear what I call people sometimes.

They all know I love Jon Hamm and he is just the ultimate man, but I then continued to show my boss pretty much endless photos of Alexander Skarskaard, half-naked, that THAT is the man I would marry today, Scandinavian perfection!  As my boss points out, he has very big hands. I like big hands. . . .

For some reason they are fascinated with my standards on how I choose men, I think they all feel they are on a quest to find me the perfect man, the ultimate challenge, since I’m too fucking picky. So far, none has impressed.

So they set up a account for me, and now everyday I get notifications and emails.  Can I just say, fuck-me-sideways-and-twice-on-sundays-with-a-donkey cock there is a sad sad sad bunch out there. Like depressingly sad.

There are 3 kinds of people who go into in Bangkok.

Old European sex-pests.  I have gotten many hits from men in their 50s, who look and perverted as fuck seeking; A fun sexy lady companion.

2nd type are the 28-35s men who never had any luck with women, believing they will find true love on  Yet their profiles are awful and really need help.  I could seriously change profession to professional profile set up.  Just directing people how to make the best profile.

I must take a note of that….I could do something with that.

The 3rd type is the tech nerds, overall all nerds really, this needs no fucking explanation.

All these 3 types wants sexy woman to laugh with and have a good time.

Fellas, listen the fuck up.  NO WOMAN is ever going to click on your profile if that’s what you’re looking for, except gold diggers and the scammers.  Have a feeling many of these men are getting scammed by ruthless women, gotta feel bad for the men.

One of my new daily favorites is going through my matches and look at their description. Hey, I love effort, it’s sweet, but at least make some sense if English is not your first language.

i thing everybody would have then i wanna too nice 2 meet u forget ME not let’s see what will happen to future”  What the flying fuck?

“I need some body love…. .. I would like to find someone who really match. .,want a serious lover…”  That is just depressing and sad.

Just now my creative director said I look like Jessica Chastain in Zero dark 30, it’s the red hair. It was out of nowhere, I guess that’s nice??

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One Response to Cupid please hear my cry, I am begging your arrow fly

  1. Hilarity Ensues says:

    If you’re going to go the online dating route, try Much more ‘normal’ people on there. Well. Normal is a relative term in this city, isn’t it?

    Or just shortcut to /r/okcupid on reddit and find a hottie there. Um…not that I’ve had much luck😛

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