Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble..

Post Soundtrack: Michelle by the Beatles

I was born 33 years ago today.  33 fucking years.  33 fucking years, unmarried and single.  This was not how I thought my life would be at 33.  My time will come when it comes, but fuck I don’t like climbing up in age.

You are as young as you feel, true, I feel like I’m still 23, I live my life fun and carefree.  I’m still incredibly childish, something I will always be.  Luckily my friends too.  Yet the rest of the world, my friends back in Europe they are all sophisticated with house, kids and the package.

I still have so much to learn, but I know now at least who I am as a woman, what I like and dislike. Who I want in my life.  Next step is being the woman I want to be.  I have just found my profession and I would love many more years doing this.

My clock started last year and to be honest, I really want children.  Not now, but hopefully not too far in the distant future.  I would love to get married, I’m really not bothered about actually being married.  I just want to have a wedding party.  OK, I do love the idea of calling someone my husband, have a partner in crime to be childish together with as we grow old.  It;s not pressure, but I feel sentimental when I see all my friends having their rock beside them and experiencing life together.

To me, sharing your life is important or it all seems worthless.

I’m going to drink some fine wine now instead

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