If we met tomorrow for the very first time would it start all over again?

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I watched the movie “This is 40” last night, if you watched knocked up, it’s the couple who played the sister of the knocked up girl.

May I just say, I urge all couples to see this movie.  One, it’s really funny and because it’s all so true. I found myself laughing thru the movie because I have found myself in every single scenario in that movie.

I think every couple who live together will get a relief watching a movie like this, to be honest I really wish this movie came out a year ago right about this time.  I really could have used it then.  It’s really well made, because it won’t make you feel stressed.  It will actually make you look at everything in a comedic way, that the things we sometimes make a big deal out of is actually quite silly. That we forget to focus on what is actually there.

OK, so I cried when I finished watching the movie.  Not because it was sad, but because I feel I missed it.  I mentioned in my last post I missed having someone to talk to.  Well watching that movie, I actually miss having someone to be pissed off at.

I miss throwing my stupid tantrums at times that just didn’t make sense, now that I look back they make me smile.  Because they meant nothing.

The movie is a comfort that you are not alone, that the problems you hit when you live with someone is completely normal.  The fact you want to murder your partner, be repulsed, yell at them, be annoyed and want to be as far away as possible from them is in fact normal.  That when you think

“What do we even have in common and doing together??”

It is all part of the whole deal and no matter what you can’t escape that, it’s all a process you have to go through.

You all really should watch this movie.  If you ever come to this point in your life with someone you care about and spending your life with, please know it’s perfectly normal.  All girls are like Debbie, I know so many girls including myself who are exactly like Debbie.  Fighting to keep the passion.  I know many men like Pete, too busy with their new business and their careers, forgetting to take care of home. So many boys I know are like this, not knowing that nothing is in fact wrong and running away it will only happen again.

It’s a very funny movie, with lots of r rated jokes that includes sex and f words, my kind of jokes.  I love a woman who is real and shouts fuck you. That’s what real women do.

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2 Responses to If we met tomorrow for the very first time would it start all over again?

  1. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Cheers! Where are your
    contact details though?

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