You know I’ve seen a lot of what the world can do and it’s breakin’ my heart in two

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It never seizes to amaze me how completely clueless people can get when it comes to insensitivity, respect and just appropriateness.

Do you ever wonder if sometimes people do things on purpose because no one can be that clueless in certain situations?  Especially when just comes to common decency, those are the ones that always throws me off with human beings.  Like, did that person really just do that?  I thought that person was smarter and knew better, behaved better bla bla bla

You have certain areas in your life that you need to separate from each other. Like some people, never mingle work and social life.  Some never take work home, just rules in general of keeping your life separate and having boundaries.

I been setting up new boundaries and rules myself, some which have been particularly challenging for me and is still quite hard.  But the important thing is that I’m doing it.  I feel people around see what I’ve been doing as well and many are amazed at the huge steps I have made.  I’m almost acting like a graceful lady.  It’s just when people suddenly step over your boundaries and just brings another world into your world that you get a bit confused. A clash of boundaries.  They should have known better after seeing everything I did to set up all these things.

It wasn’t a big deal, but then again it was.  Today I experienced something similar to that.   I have my world, my absolute safe haven where everything I love the most in the world is placed, this is my most precious place and the people I invite into this part of my world is friends and people I trust.

I was thoroughly disappointed when someone wanted to bring something into my world which I don’t want to have any part of, associate with and especially come into my the place where I feel most safe.

Just because I act one way when I am out public, it is because I’m a lady and like I said, some people can work great together in business, but want nothing to do with each other privately.  Well, that is what I have with my social world and my private world.  Socially I will be nice, but privately I need respect and I was so baffled of the audacity and nerve someone was gonna do today, which would have invaded my safe haven.

It sounds very dramatic and I prefer not to tell the story, because that way you as a reader might find a situation you can relate to instead, also it’s my way of keeping it private.  Plus you would think it’s the silliest thing when if I were to tell the story, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s important to me.  Anyway, I think my friend got the point, I hope so, if they don’t understand then clearly clueless.

Everyone needs a place where things they love dearly  will always be out of reach and protected from people you don’t want in your life. You hold on to the things you can control and have, because you realize there is almost nothing you can control in this life.  So while I still can, what is most precious to me in my life right now will remain.

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